Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga is a Puzzle Bobble style puzzle game from King.com.

The cheat is included in the leethax.net Firefox extension.

About the game

In Bubble Witch Saga, the player guides three witches on a quest to restore peace to a kingdom. During the game, the player aims colored bubbles fired from a cauldron, which attach to existing bubbles on the screen. When a bubble attaches itself to two or more bubbles of the same color, they pop, and cause any bubbles that were attached to the popped bubbles to fall down from the stage. At the bottom of the screen, five cauldrons are situated, where fallen bubbles fall down. The game awards points for each dislodged bubble falling in a cauldron (more points for smaller cauldrons).

The level selection screen is displayed as a map of the kingdom, and is divided into several areas. To proceed to the next area, the player must clear all levels in the previous area, and fulfill an additional requirement, such as getting a number of other players to help them complete a task. Depending on the number of points collected during a level, the game awards up to three stars per level. Collecting certain amounts of stars unlocks powerups the player can purchase, using in-game money. These powerups offer passive or user-activated abilities during gameplay.

Bubble Witch Saga is a clone of Puzzle Bobble, the original bubble puzzle game from Taito Corporation.


  • Infinite lives
  • Free potions, scrolls and items
  • Enable any charms in the game


Install the leethax.net Firefox extension, restart Firefox, and browse to the game’s web page.

Press the LeetHax button on the left to access the cheat interface.

Hover your mouse over each option to see a detailed description.

The potions and charms will only be remembered for the playing session. You will need to “buy” or enable them every time you play the game.

The potions do not deplete by themselves. To choose other potions or charms, reload the game.


It’s not possible to directly cheat unlocking new episodes. You’ll have to bug your friends or support the game developers to unlock levels.


Cheat screenshot


  • 2014.10.01 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.09.18 - Fix boosters, fix end game error
  • 2014.09.15 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.09.03 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.08.12 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.08.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.08.06 - Game update
  • 2014.06.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.06.06 - Game update
  • 2014.04.24 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.03.31 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.03.17 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.02.26 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.02.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.02.10 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.02.08 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.01.16 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.01.15 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.01.14 - Automatic game update
  • 2014.01.13 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.12.17 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.12.16 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.12.03 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.11.20 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.11.18 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.11.04 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.10.22 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.10.07 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.09.23 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.09.05 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.08.23 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.08.22 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.23 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.22 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.15 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.10 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.07.01 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.06.25 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.06.13 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.06.12 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.06.06 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.06.05 - Game update, automatic game update
  • 2013.04.12 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.03.24 - Add charm selector
  • 2013.03.21 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.03.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.03.08 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.03.06 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.02.22 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.02.21 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.02.13 - Automatic game update
  • 2013.02.11 - Add free scrolls
  • 2013.02.10 - Game update
  • 2013.01.31 - Game update
  • 2013.01.09 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.12.22 - Fix charms
  • 2012.12.20 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.12.19 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.12.11 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.12.03 - Fix not being able to buy certain charms
  • 2012.11.28 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.11.14 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.11.02 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.11.01 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.10.31 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.10.22 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.10.18 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.10.04 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.09.30 - Keep charms after game
  • 2012.09.28 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.09.27 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.09.21 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.09.13 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.09.03 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.08.31 - Automatic game update
  • 2012.07.27 - Game update
  • 2012.07.20 - Game update
  • 2012.07.19 - Game update
  • 2012.07.05 - Game update
  • 2012.06.28 - Game update
  • 2012.06.27 - Game update
  • 2012.05.05 - Fixed being unable to purchase level unlock.
  • 2012.05.03 - Game update
  • 2012.04.18 - Update fix
  • 2012.04.07 - Update fix
  • 2012.03.23 - Update fix
  • 2012.03.07 - Initial release

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  • 58 days ago Deborah Crowe

    my LeetHax button on the left doesn't have anything on it now. I have re installed over and over undated everything and still nothing what can be wrong. I have checked my firewall and other things and added but still nothing.

  • 58 days ago Deborah

    I got it I had to delete it in add-on and start over and that worked.

  • 52 days ago leethax.net (bot)

    An automatic update for this cheat has been released.

    It should be available immediately; if not, make sure that you are using the latest extension version.

  • 51 days ago Mike

    Using Firefox and Mac OS X Mavericks the Leethax button opens the window but it's blank inside with no possibility of clicking boxes on. It does work on one of my PC's though so problem seems to be unique to OS X

  • 42 days ago Scott

    Doesn't work for Bubble Witch Saga 2 ... I use the latest extension version. :/

  • 40 days ago leethax.net (bot)

    An automatic update for this cheat has been released.

    It should be available immediately; if not, make sure that you are using the latest extension version.

  • 39 days ago noemi

    Desperately need bubble witch 2 pleasssssseeeeeeee

  • 39 days ago kawanda

    can u please do one for bubble witch 2

  • 39 days ago zoe

    I'm using the latest extension version but the icons of wishes & charms have totally disappeared in the game !!

  • 39 days ago pelister

    using the latest version but all the icons on the right disappeared (although I think they are all put on top of each other)

  • 38 days ago Tom

    I will check this tomorrow as I have no extension at work installed. I'll check if the charms are available without Leethax.

  • 38 days ago Elle

    hey gang - first of all, thank you sooo much for this add-on - I don't think you get the thanks and appreciation that you deserve (all I see are requests for new game cheats - give 'em a break guys!! and thank them if you haven't!)
    Anyway - does anybody else have an issue with Bubble Witch Saga (1) where the power-ups (or whatever they're called) can't be accessed on the right hand side? Mine are all jumbled up at the top of the screen and I can't access any of them.. Yes, I did try maximizing my screen, viewing full screen, etc. all to no avail. Don't see any other comments so maybe It's just me.
    Thanks in advance for any tips/help/advice anybody may have.

  • 38 days ago Elle

    **UPDATE** - sorry, - please disregard my previous comment as I now see that my issue (with `wish`` icons pushed up to the very top on right hand side, thus making them un-clickable``. I`m sure you guys are aware - I greatly appreciate all you guys do and will wait patiently for a fix.. if possible!

    As for the rest of you guys asking for Bubble Witch Saga 2 - read their FAQ`s - it doesn`t look like they`re adding any more games so please stop asking them! We should be thankful for what they offer as it is.

    Peace - many thanks - you guys RoCk!!

  • 38 days ago Tom

    Just checked it. The charms on the right side are available without the extension. So King found another way to block leethax. But I'm sure these great guys will find a way :) And thx Elle for the comment on the behavior of some of the very "thankful" users here. Leethax mentioned this before, that there will be NO new games in this cheat. Only support for the games which are already in. But most users don't read the comments here, they just add another comment. But thats how ppl. are, if you give them the little finger, they want the whole hand ;)

  • 36 days ago leethax.net (bot)

    An update for this cheat has been released:

    “Fix boosters”

    It should be available immediately; if not, make sure that you are using the latest extension version.

  • 36 days ago NoRRoD

    Hey Guys thanks for the update. All the charms are back but......after finishing a level you have to reload the game. I think it's a little bug and i hope you have the solution soon. many thanks and keep up the good work

  • 36 days ago leethax.net (bot)

    An update for this cheat has been released:

    “Fix end game error”

    It should be available immediately; if not, make sure that you are using the latest extension version.

  • 36 days ago NoRRoD

    Wow many thanks, service on demand...............8-)

  • 35 days ago zoe

    Wonderful !!!! Thanks so much ;-)

  • 34 days ago Tom

    Thanks guys :)

    Prizeless :D

  • 29 days ago Witch2

    Please, can you made a Bubble witch 2 cheat

  • 24 days ago leethax.net (bot)

    An automatic update for this cheat has been released.

    It should be available immediately; if not, make sure that you are using the latest extension version.

  • 16 days ago khk

    Please, can you made a Bubble witch 2 cheat

  • 14 days ago Nigel

    Desperately need bubble witch 2 please, thanks.

  • 8 days ago Abbyss

    Bonjour, dsl, je suis très nulle en anglais, ou pis-je avoir de l'aide en français? Chez moi, aucune extension ne fonctionne, j'ai déjà pour Candy que j'ai acheté il y a quelques années, celle là, c'est ok, ç marche, mais pour les autres jeux, non.. Merci de votre aide :)

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