Troubleshooting with Fiddler

If the leethax.net browser extension doesn’t work for you, follow the steps here to collect information that will help us find the problem.

It is very important that you go through the steps below. Most of the time, we cannot fix problems unless we receive a complete problem report. Complaining about it in the comments will not help.

Important: please follow every step. Otherwise, the problem report will likely be useless and will not help to resolve the problem.

  1. Use Waterfox (or another supported browser).
  2. Download, install and start Fiddler.
  3. In Waterfox, open the Options dialog, then go to Advanced → Network → Settings, and make sure that “Use system proxy settings” is checked.
  4. Enable decryption of HTTPS traffic and configure Waterfox with the Fiddler root certificate:
    • In Fiddler:
      1. Go to Tools → Fiddler Options → HTTPS;
      2. Tick the “Decrypt HTTPS Traffic” checkbox;
      3. Confirm the warning messages;
      4. Click “Export Fiddler Root Certificate to Desktop”.
    • In Waterfox:
      1. Open the Options dialog;
      2. Go to Advanced → Certificates → View Certificates;
      3. Open the “Authorities” tab;
      4. Click “Import”;
      5. Select the .CER file from your desktop;
      6. Tick the “Trust this CA to identify web sites” checkbox.
  5. At this point, pages and files you visit in Waterfox should show up in Fiddler. If they don’t, make sure Waterfox is configured to use Fiddler. Configure Waterfox manually, if necessary.
  6. Close all Waterfox tabs, clear the Waterfox cache, and delete all sessions in Fiddler (Edit → Remove → All Sessions).
  7. Go to the game’s page on Facebook, and reproduce the problem.
  8. Go back to Fiddler, and select File → Save → All Sessions…
  9. Save the session archive, and e-mail it to . If the file is too big for e-mail, upload it to a free file host like MediaFire, and e-mail us the link.