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  • 110 days ago jorn van dwaarsen

    coin master !!

  • 108 days ago Wesh

    Hi, I d'like some help in Candy Crush Soda Saga, like free bonus moves for example.

  • 107 days ago jefftatman

    thank you lord.

  • 106 days ago boss

    PLease Coin Master infinited spins and money

  • 98 days ago fetouh

    where angry birds hack

  • 89 days ago elhoucin

    Free spins and coins for coins master

  • 86 days ago RVRT

    Leethax helps us....

    Fix angry birds please!


  • 86 days ago Vasile

    coin maaaaaasster please!

  • 85 days ago VV

    Angry birds unlimited powerups for each gameplay

  • 78 days ago Mihai

    Free spins and coins on coin master.

  • 77 days ago Shane

    Please do coin master

  • 76 days ago Lorenzo

    Coin master its a must have, Please do a coin master hack :X

  • 71 days ago bOB

    Please fix Angry Birds Friends.
    I belive that you can do that.
    Greetings from Serbia!!!

  • 57 days ago Eucalypta

    Fix the candy crush error (seems to become blocked?) I want to play out the whole candy crush

  • 57 days ago Candy

    Please fix the Candy Crush error! Since 16-6-2020 Candy Crush no longer works with the Leethax cheat.

    Greetings from Holland

  • 55 days ago lindomar rodrigues moura

    sou fã do jogo farm heroes saga tem como facilitar mais jogadas para melhorar mais ta dificio passa de nivel com poucas jogadas:
    jogo no facebook
    obrigado administradores.
    [email protected]

  • 55 days ago Nurul shafysza hafiz

    Cheat gold bar or lives for candy crush saga and soda saga too please..

  • 53 days ago US VETERAN

    Add THUG LIFE... daily 50,000 spins... or change coins to spins for one hour each day.

  • 46 days ago Rorra

    Please we need help in angry birds tournament. We don want buy coins very expensive :/ pleas fix it :'(

  • 38 days ago Tiempo Mexiquense

    Tiempo Claudia Zamac
    poder obtener diamantes más facilmente en Ghost Tales x favor

  • 38 days ago Allan

    10 thousand spins

  • 38 days ago Allan

    10 thousand spins in thug life

  • 34 days ago BBB1

    Leethax Zhelp
    Fix angry birds please!


  • 32 days ago cher

    We need Angry Birds back

  • 4 days ago Kathy mae

    I’m looking for coins and diamonds for June’s Journey if anyone knows of one that works. Thanks

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