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  • 1 year ago sempoy

    toon blast

  • 1 year ago karim

    8 ball pool

  • 1 year ago Giselle

    Hay Day diamonds and cash cheat please

  • 1 year ago Ziko

    I need to hack Candy Crush Soda Saga

  • 1 year ago Ziko

    i need Candy Crush Soda Saga

  • 1 year ago Magui

    This page is wonderful. Now I'm playing lords mobile in my android phone, like to have cheat engine for the game

  • 1 year ago SirMiro

    Fishing Adventures unlimited gems

  • 1 year ago sabri tunc kanat

    coin master free spin and gold

  • 1 year ago bakman68

    thanks.. sadece oyunun hilesini indirmek istiyorum...

  • 1 year ago UNHBGF


  • 1 year ago mohammed

    8 Ball Pool

  • 1 year ago yahyahsensleman

    Your IP is on several Internet blacklists. You are not eligible to vote, sorry.

  • 1 year ago tatiana

    для ресторатора есть

  • 1 year ago tatiana

    Restaurant Streets- для это игры есть я не нашла сделайте плиииз раньше было же

  • 1 year ago Eva

    Yo lo necesito para tener poderes ilimitados en Angry Birds Friends

  • 1 year ago sabri tunckanat

    unlimited spin and coin

  • 1 year ago sabri tunckanat

    master coin

    unlimited spin and coin

  • 1 year ago Paulo

    Omega Zodiac: Ouro e diamantes infinitos.

  • 1 year ago Paloma

    Candycrush blíster thanks

  • 1 year ago balafas

    angry birds

  • 1 year ago Messiah

    Coin Master Please ... THANK YOU

  • 332 days ago Kal

    Helix Jump is a popular game on messenger at the moment. I like a hack for this one, so i can beat my friends...lol

  • 329 days ago mario

    Weill ich es schaffen muss

  • 329 days ago mario

    ich liebe es

  • 329 days ago kldmsa


  • 328 days ago anthony

    coin master is better...new game, new challenge

  • 318 days ago Val

    pls do one for Taonga thanks

  • 304 days ago Rod

    Choices stories you play please!!! the diamonds are so expensive ): and this game is played a lot, you will be rich!

  • 297 days ago maria

    I need an extension for coin master please. when will be this available???

  • 292 days ago ZS

    it shows this error : There is an open web server or proxy on your IP. You are not allowed to vote.
    btw, i vote for 8 ball pool
    thank you

  • 284 days ago Nina

    Hello je voudrais que vous nous donniez la possibilité de continuer candy crush saga au delà du niveau 2825 please !!! ça fait très longtemps que nous attendons cette mise à jour, je vous supplie de la faire svp

  • 264 days ago Ravanos

    hero wars,
    i would like to have a one strike killer mod for fightings
    evt full ressources or enemy attack disable.
    could be possible?

  • 261 days ago baez elsa

    quiero tener rubies y monedas para comprar cosas para la granja

  • 259 days ago Duke

    hero wars: force item drop and speed the fighting up would be very nice

  • 243 days ago IONELA

    coin master need a cheat

  • 243 days ago avdas

    coin mastttttttttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr

  • 242 days ago gangsta

    hero wars : gift network?

  • 213 days ago Paty Alvarado

    Me gustaría un trago para confín Master siempre tener tiros y monedas

  • 213 days ago Paty Alvarado

    Me gustaría un truco para tener monedas y giros siempre

  • 193 days ago Carol

    Please consider cheats for Bubble witch saga 3 and Indy Cat.

    Thank you

  • 188 days ago Leonardo Nogara

    Booster infinitos,Movimentos infinitos e dinheiro infinito .

  • 188 days ago Tony

    The above poll shows Candy Crush Sega. It should be Candy Crush Saga.

  • 164 days ago falito

    holaa quiero pongais truco de coin master por favor de moneda y tirada por favor un saludo

  • 160 days ago narender

    I want unlimited moves and boosters

  • 157 days ago Becki

    Would love to see coin master with free spins and coins if possible, keep up the good work x

  • 148 days ago goofytroll

    I know it is a long shot do you still have the files for Marvel Avengers Alliance named 1001.xml to 1018.xml These are the only files I am missing for recreating the game thanks to you. It is called MAAredux on Facebook. Great Work.

  • 141 days ago Cinzia

    Please give us a cheat for Taonga the Island farm, we only need unlimited Diamonds.

  • 25 days ago Thomas

    Ich möchte für sowas kein Geld ausgeben .

  • 18 days ago Why Not

    are you ever going to get candy crush soda cheat

  • 7 days ago luis daniel

    conbustible infinito,suministros infinitos y gold infinito

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